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January 29, 2009


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Jennie 28/5'7/135

Shea, you don't know how excited I am to see you WOD'ing and posting again! I can't wait til we can get together!


As rxd 7:03


Oh yeah I got in trouble for dropping the weights and making to much noise. Ha

Jennie 28/5'7/135

That's hilarious. God forbid you go into a gym to work hard. You wouldn't want to disturb those watching TV on the treadmills or staring at themselves in the mirror.


95# and jumping dips
BIG pr
1 min faster and 10 lbs heavier!

Jennie 28/5'7/135

wow lyn, good job on that pr

jkeel 34/5'9/163

I'm regressing?
As rx'd w/ full squat cleans except the last 4 which I power cleaned due to failure.




I ve been on the zone for about a month and am really starting to feel it.

Jennie 28/5'7/135

I started warming up for Elizabeth today after work...I was going to do it in my bedroom. Well, I fell off the rings during my warm-up and now I can't move my shoulder. I made up "core work" instead...results there.


um...am i the only one who finds it a little strange that they have a set of rings in their bedroom? :)


Um, Kevin, I'm with you. Freaks....... JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Jennie, geesh girl. You can't move it??? Got any pain killers? Muscle relaxants? Need some? I sure hope it gets better! I know your pain, whilst mine only lasted a week.


This evening I did 100 deeeeeep squats as fast as I could. My quads are numb now, lol. Then I did 40-45 pushups and 60 situps. Then I did some dumbbell overhead presses until I failure, didn't count those. It all took about 20 minutes. It's been so cold... and once I get home, I haven't wanted to get back out in the weather to go the gym. Plus, I had Abby tonight.

Travis V

Did 135lb cleans 21-15-9 and the ring dips 7:11 lb for lb

Jennie 28/5'7/135

Excellent Jamie, way to improvise and make your situation work for you. NO SITTING ON THE COUCH EATING HO-HO'S!
Did you let Abby join you on your mission? Josie loves to do the bodyweight stuff with us.

And yes, we are weird. I'm guessing that y'all are not so concerned with the cool workout equipment in our bedroom and are more jealous that you don't have rings in your bedroom! :)

My shoulder is feeling 95% today so it must have just been a minor pull.


115# PC
ring dips


Jennie 28/5'7/132

Decided to use 65# since I was dumping weight in the bedroom. Don't want to jack up my floors.

65# full squat cleans all reps
unassisted bar dips/jumping bar dips


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